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The beatitudes, which we’re studying in this summer’s sermon series, feature Jesus reminding people of the blessings of God. God built those blessings into the fabric of creation and those blessings simply pour out of relationship with God. Jesus also calls us to bless each other. It is our privilege and our responsibility to bless each other. My favorite way of blessing in a worship service is the benediction in which someone speaks good words, good truth, over the congregation. The benediction is meant to remind us of three things: 1) who God is – powerful, holy, and loving; 2) of who we are – God’s beloved children; and 3) to remind us of our job after we leave worship – to share God’s love and the reality of God’s kingdom everywhere we go.

We would like to share the privilege of saying the benediction at the end of worship. Starting in July, we would like people to either write a benediction for us to read, or film themselves sharing a benediction that they wrote or found in scripture. We will also be happy to help you film it. Please reach out to me ( with questions and I’ll be happy to help you participate in this powerful moment of the service.

Writing a benediction may sound intimidating, so here are a few ideas to get you started. You can choose a scripture passage that you love or has blessed you and share that as a benediction. Here are some examples: 2 Corinthians 13:13, Numbers 6:24-26, Hebrews 13:20-21, Romans 15:13, Philippians 4:7, 1 Thessalonians 5:23. If you’d like to write one yourself below is a template to help you get started. There are many ways to write a benediction – the following template is just one possible way. I’ve also included the benediction (taken from 1 Peter 2:9) from the worship service on June 21st as an example in italics in the template. May God bless you as you seek to bless others.

1) What is one attribute of God that has been important to you lately?

example: God called us out of darkness in God’s marvelous light

2) How do you remember your relationship to God?

example: We are chosen, holy, a royal priesthood, God’s own people

3) What should we remember to do to share the reality of God’s Kingdom with the world?

example: We are to declare God’s wonderful work to the world

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