God is still here - Blessings.

This summer, as we explore the beatitudes, we’ve been inviting you to intentionally bless one another. The month of June has been focused on benediction: speaking good words to the congregation at the end of the worship service. I’m hoping you will take us up on the opportunity to participate in worship in this way. We would love for you to record yourself and/or your family sharing a benediction with us during the next worship service.

Worship has been a very interesting experience over the last few months. It’s been challenging to feel like part of the community when we cannot see and touch and hear the other people. It’s lonely to watch the service on a screen. The technology has been frustrating and intimidating. I miss you all. I miss worshipping with you in the same space. I miss catching up with you between the services. I miss teaching Sunday school. I miss the discussions and the conversations that would pour out of the classes. I miss singing alongside you.

What do you miss?

While it is difficult to fully articulate what we lose when we have to meet virtually, the Good News of Jesus’s love is still true. God is still faithful to meet us. The Spirit is still working to knit us together into the Body of Jesus, even if we aren’t as aware of the other members. God still loves us. Jesus still calls us to come and follow him. The Spirit is still whispering to our hearts the realities of life with God.

The benediction is an opportunity to remind each other that God is still here, that the Body of Jesus is still connected, and that we are all still in this together. We would love to see your face and hear your voice next week reminding us of these truths. Email me with questions (jfenn@wpcdenver.org) and I’ll look forward to helping you speak good words to your sisters and brothers in Jesus.

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