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What is a blessing? We bless people, almost instinctually, when they sneeze. We talk about how blessed we are when good things happen – a particular favorite during acceptance speeches. We say a blessing over a meal before we eat. A blessing has a wide range of meanings. It can mean setting something apart as holy or sanctified – like when we pray over the elements of a sacrament. A blessing can be a request for God’s protection and care. A blessing can also be a retroactive title for all the good things and experiences God has given someone. Blessing can take the form of prayers, of good words spoken in hope, of reminders of God’s love and grace. Blessing people is something in which we can all take an active part, too.

This month, we are focusing on the blessing of benediction. A benediction is a statement of blessing said over the congregation at the end of the worship service. The word benediction literally means “good speaking” – and that is what we do. It is a pronouncement of God’s love, a reminder of who God is and who we are. It is meant to empower and equip those who hear it.

It is our hope that over the course of the summer we will become more intentional in the ways that we bless each other, that all who are interested have a chance to bless the congregation of Wellshire through the writing and sharing of blessings. This week begin thinking of the blessing you need to hear. Think of the reminders of who God is that would strengthen you, the promises that will transform you. Write them down. We will have a space to share our thoughts and what we’ve written soon. Please e-mail me ( with questions.

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