Lament: We're Better Together

(from PW/Horizons. By Joyce Mackichan Walker)

The socially distant life was, and still is, a reality for many of us.

Who was (is) on your "quaran-team"? ______________________________________________________________________

How would you describe your daily routine? _______________________________________________________________

What were (are) you most worried about? _________________________________________________________________

What were (are) you most afraid of? _______________________________________________________________________

What was (is) the biggest challenge? _______________________________________________________________________

What was (is) the greatest loss? ____________________________________________________________________________

Write it down. Because it is stark evidence of the fact that every single one of us has direct, too recent, too present, too painful experience of devastating and powerful reasons to lament.

Psalm 22

Grab a Bible, pencil, and a highlighter. Take them to Psalm 22:1-19 with Pandemic 2020 in mind. As you read:

Underline phrases and sentences that speak for the distance you felt from God at certain times. When were those for you? ________________________________________________________________________________________

Put parentheses around words and phrases that identify feelings you experienced. When did they arise in you? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Circle lines that proclaim God's presence. When was God present to you? _______________________________

Double underline ways to help you know God is present. How will you remember them when you need them? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Who "showed up" for you during Pandemic 2020 and how did that affect you? ___________________________

For whom did you "show up" and how might God have used that to help them know God was indeed present to them? ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Horizons. July/August 2020.

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