Psalm 139

Rev. Katie Robb Davis on Psalm 139 and an art gallery.

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“Lord you have searched me and known me.” These words can strike fear or comfort, or both. “You perceive my thoughts from afar.” It is good to be known by God. It is a little scary for God to know our EVERY thought. The frustrations, the annoyances, the temptations we will probably never act upon. God doesn’t just know us by our words or actions, but by our thoughts. More intimately than any person can ever know. But this intimacy is a gift and a miracle. God made us, body, mind, and spirit. God knows us – completely. And for all our bad and for all our wonderfulness, God loves us still. God reaches out, God is there, guiding, holding us fast. And even the darkness will not be dark to God. What joy, what freedom, what relief! How does it feel to be wholly known by God?


"Psalm 139, Farthest Oceans". Artist unknown.

"Psalm 139, The Inescapable God" by Mike Moyers.

"No Mistakes Here - Psalm 139" by Julie Shematz.

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