Psalm 27

In this post: Rev. Julia Fenn shares her thought on Psalm 27.

Art by Tim Mietty and sing along with "I Will Call Upon the Lord".

From Rev. Julia Fenn

The Heading given to Psalm 27 is “A Triumphant Song of Confidence” – it’s an inspiring invitation to participate in the profound assurance that God is in charge and more powerful than our enemies. In the opening six verses, the psalmist speaks with a calm experience of God’s presence, God’s provision and God’s protection. This confidence in God permeates the description of the various enemies the psalmist has come across: evildoers, adversaries, foes, encamped armies, and war. There is no fear because “the Lord is …light and…salvation” (verse 1). As I’ve been meditating on this Psalm, I’m struck by how desperately I want to share in this confidence. My list of enemies is very different: viruses, loneliness, anxiety, ignorance, fear, the chaos of homeschooling and working, financial uncertainty – but I pray for the same confidence in the midst of them. I encourage you to read through Psalm 27, listing your enemies, and joining in confidence of the psalmist in the Lord’s light, salvation, power, and presence. I pray that you and I may find ourselves claiming the promises of verses 13 & 14 (my paraphrase): I know that we will see the love and mercy of Jesus even now, during an international pandemic. Look for the way God is working right now; Wait with hope and strength for the Lord’s victory over our enemies!

“The Lord is my light” by Wellshire staff member Tim Mietty. Pencil and digital, 2020.

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