Psalm 61

Psalm 61 (The Voice translation)

Hear me, O God, when I cry;

    listen to my prayer.

You are the One I will call when pushed to the edge,

    when my heart is faint.

    Shoulder me to the rock above me.

For You are my protection,

    an impenetrable fortress from my enemies.

Let me live in Your sanctuary forever;

    let me find safety in the shadow of Your wings.

You have heard the promises I made, O God.

    You have laid upon me the legacy due to those who fear Your name.

Extend the king’s life, day after day;

    increase his years for many generations.

May he be ever present before God,

    attended and guarded by Your loyal love and truth.

So I will never stop singing Your praise;

    as long as I live, I will fulfill my promise.

Reflection by Rev. Dr. Carl Anderson

I am regularly astounded by God's generosity. The Almighty, the King of Creation listens to me/us. Not only does God listen, but we are invited to share the full range of our human experience. The Divine wants to ease our suffering, calm our anger, and comfort our fears.

Psalm 61 provides a beautiful blueprint for navigating this trusting relationship God establishes. When we step into the poet's shoes, we become the one petitioning God's attention. We remember God's faithfulness and protection. And we commit ourselves to faithful worship, even in the midst of feeling like we've been pushed to the edge.

May you experience permission to cry out to God with your whole self. May you know God has heard you. And may your hearts be filled, so that you will never stop singing.

Art: "Psalm 61: Lead Me to My Inheritance" by Melani Pyke.

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