Psalm 91

In this post: A reading, Michael Joncas’ On Eagle’s Wings, and mediation.

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

by Sally Lloyd-Jones & Jago

"He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge." Psalm 91:3-4 (NIV)

We hope you are finding that the psalms we have explored are giving you words you might not be able to come up with yourself while navigating this uncertain time and the certainty of God’s presence in it all. Psalm 91 again gives us words and permission to express our fear and the clear reminder that none of the threats we face will ultimately prevail against God. The word refuge is used three times by the psalmist. “Refuge” is used as a metaphor for God’s care and protection. To seek refuge in the Lord means to look to the LORD for security from threatening dangers. Psalm 91 uses the imagery of a mother bird when explaining Gods’ protection. When storms approach, mother birds lift their wings and snuggle their babies near their bodies. Mother birds shelter their babies from the storm in this way. Whatever God’s people may face – whether evil attacks or stormy trials – they can trust God. God shelters and protects God's children. Psalm 91 ends with a beautiful surprise; God speaks in the first person with seven verbs depicting God’s protection: deliver, protect, answer, be with, rescue, satisfy, show. God places no demands, only love and trust of God. What does it look like for us when we journey through this time with Trust in God as protector? Or, if the day’s journey is over, will you return to your safe place of refuge and know you are under God’s wings?

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