What is and what should be


Written by Rev. Julia Fenn

Hope is a tether between what is and what should be.

It binds us to the truth of another day –

another chance to glimpse our true home

another crack in the façade of this corrupted place.

Hope is the anchor that pins us to the reality we cannot see –

the reality of a world made new,

a world made whole,

a world brimming with love

and justice

and peace.

Hope is an umbilical cord

feeding and nourishing us with the sweet food of a place once lost,

Sustaining us through the suffering

and pain

and frustration

of things that should not be.

When longings for the kingdom overwhelm

leaving us bowed with hunger

gasping for breath

clutching at gnawing, cramping need

Hope creeps in and fills the empty hollows.

lapping at the shores of craving

with a memory of a place not yet experienced

and demands that we seek, struggle, and fight for a world born whole.

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